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Weaving industrial machines for Metal wire mesh

OR = warping device
E = electronically
200 = warping width max. canister (max measure on request)

  • suitable for canister;
  • steel supporting structure;
  • steel made side frame, supporting all transmission parts
  • warping carriage – width: 200 mm, complete with:
    - chrome plated beam for the warp-wire tensioning,
    - 1 slanting reed
    - 1 grading device
  • linear guides, alu-profile made, suitable to support the warping carriage;
  • switchboard with all electronically control parts, complete with:
    - pushbutton panel fitted on the carriage, complete with: pushbutton for operating reverse operating - impulse operating
    - programming keyboard and a microprocessor
    - display with 16 keys (2 lanes) which shows the setted data, the alarms, the speed and the memory stored programmes
    - setting possibility of following data: warping turns
    - speed: turns/minute or meter/minute – acceleration ramp and deceleration ramp
    - warp-wire breaking control

The warping machine can be programmed and controlled from the keyboard.