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Weaving industrial machines for Synthetic fabrics

Weaving machine for technical fabrics

The international market is ever more oriented towards NATURALI; fabrics; fabrics woven from SISAL (hemp), COIR FIBER, PAPER, WOOL, COTTON. Natural fabrics are biodegradable and are widely used in decorative technical applications, in interior decoration and furnishing, for ready-made clothing and for packaging. The new T.2N.T weaving loom has been designed to meet these market demands. It offers the possibility to operate fully automatically and with minimum attendance by personnel which has only to check the functioning. The T.2N.T weaving loom was designed using advanced technology and incorporates the ample experience that TRINCA has been able to accumulate over the years in the design of weaving machines for wire and synthetic fabrics. The weft wire is inserted by two rapiers (feeding and drawing) with weft transfer in the center and with electronic control.
The front regulator for fabric feed, the rear regulator for warp let-off motion and the upper regulator for Bouclè weave feature electronic control, and the input for number of threads is every 10 cm.
The tension control for warp and Bouclè is visualized on the screen and ensures optimum quality and repeatability of the finished product.


  • Machine type: T.2N.T (weaving loom - 2 rapiers - textile wall coverings)
  • Weaving widths: 2200 - 4150 - 5150 mm. (others widths upon request)
  • Materials: sisal (hemp) - coir fi bre - cotton - paper - and others
  • Thraead per centimeter: da 2 a 999,9
  • Machine speed: mm. 2200 - mm. 4150 - mm. 5150
  • Picks/minute: 130 90 80
  • Heddle frame drive: eccentric motion 10-12 heddles;
    dobby 10-12 heddles
  • Machine frame: modular steel construction
  • Slay: driven by crankshaft with 2 or 3 cracks according to weaving width
  • Cloth take-up: by separate take-up, maximum roll-dia. 1400 mm.
  • Weft insertion: 2 flexible rapiers with electronic control
  • Regulators: front - rear - Bouclè - with electronic control
  • Weft control: electronic
  • Tension control for let-off/Bouclé: electronic
  • Beat-up force: 60000 N
  • Machine weight:
               2200 mm.4150 mm. 5150 mm.
    (circa)7000 Kg .13000 Kg. 15000 Kg.