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ITMA 2023

We will be present at ITMA 2023 - STAND H6 / A101 - From 08 June to 14 June 2023

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Weaving industrial machines for Metal wire mesh

OR = warping device
E = electronically


This warping machine is appropriate to warp from the left or right side as well as on Canisters / flanged beams. Roller diameters from 200 up to max. 1200 mm and warp width between 100 until 6000 mm.
By the use of the keyboard and the monitor which are installed on the warp cart it is possible to set and control:

  • warp tension by load cell;
  • accelleration and deceleration ramp;
  • warp speed with indicator meter/min and layers/min.;
  • number of warped layers.


The complete warp control, all data settings and operating function adjustments are carried out by the TRINCA electronic control device. This has especially been developed by TRINCA over the years.
All electronically and electric control devices are installed inside the main switchboard and all data, as well as warp driving and control functions, are developed by an industrial PC with software windows CE.